Joe Biden: Experience or Baggage?

Joe Biden: Post Debate Analysis

Pre/Post Debate Social Media

Pre-debate Twitter mentions have Biden at an average of around 48k/mentions. He gets a debate day bump to 2.3x his normal mention count coming in at 112k/mentions. That boost falls off sharply the day after and then Biden is back to a consistent 1% bump per day versus his pre-debate number.

Joe Biden Twitter Mentions Pre/Post 1st Democratic Debate

Top Headlines

The top story from mainstream news that was amplified around Biden was actually one that originated with allegations against Trump.

The story was about E. Jean Carroll’s story from New York Magazine.

Many outlets picked up the story (though it originated much earlier in the year) and it was widely deployed across Twitter to juxtapose Biden and Trump and the narratives surrounding both men and their treatment of women.

A close second was Inside Joe Biden’s Luxurious $20,000-a-Month Mansionfrom Breitbart.

Top Narratives

“Joe Biden is corrupt.”

This narrative has had a steady build for the past several months but boosted based on a series of tweets on June 27th and 28th. Below is an example:

“Joe Biden has experience and is the front runner.”

“Joe Biden has baggage.” and “Joe Biden is creepy and out of touch.”

These clusters were heavily mixed together. With a fairly equal amount of amplification from both the left and the right. Some clusters started with a story that was relatively pro-Biden and ended with that thread being overtaken by negative commentary. Even in clusters of tweets where there were pro-Biden threads there was very little positive support of Biden.

Who’s Talking about Joe?

The largest concentration is in the left of center and credible quadrant. Discussion in right of center and especially in the lower (less credible) quadrants is the highest we have seen to date compared to other candidates we have analyzed. Overall Joe has the most diverse group of social media users talking about him.

Biden Bias

Interesting Observations

When looking for openly pro-Biden social media commentary we were left with next to nothing. Most clusters are mixed with a trend toward sharing stories from credible media outlets and amplifying negative findings by those outlets.

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